Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fundraiser Telecom a new way to raise funds?

Yes, Fundraiser Telecom is a new way to raise funds for charitable causes, set up with the backing of a long-established telecoms company. Fundraiser Telecom offers landline, mobile and broadband services, all on one convenient bill. It is just like any other telecom offering, but Fundraiser Telecom will provide a monthly donation from the profit of your total telecom bill directly back to your chosen cause.

I’m a small charity / club, is Fundraiser Telecom just for large charities and clubs?

Not at all, in fact Fundraiser Telecom can work for any charitable cause, whatever your size! As part of the process, you’ll transfer your existing charity or club’s telecoms service to Fundraiser Telecom, so you can start saving and donating straight away!

I already have an existing contract for my telecoms supply, can I still switch?

It will depend on your contract, but you might find that you’ll save so much that it is worth switching even it you’re in an existing contract. And, we’d bet your existing supplier won’t give you a donation of your bill back to your cause either!

Can I call my supporters for free?

Yes! Fundraiser Telecom customers can call each other for free, so when your supporters and associated businesses (e.g. your suppliers) switch to Fundraiser Telecom you can call them for free. And of course, they can call you for free too!

How do I know that I’m getting the right donation as I won’t  see each supporter’s bill?

We work on the basis of transparency, so we run an “open book” accounting for your account. Just give us notice and we’ll happily show you the telecoms spend so you can validate the donation, if you require.

How does Fundraiser Telecom support us once we’ve got our supporters to switch?

At Fundraiser Telecom, we know that raising money and awareness for your cause isn’t easy. So we’re here to help you. Your supporters will receive a monthly bill which will have your logo alongside ours.

And each quarter you’ll be able to include a brief message to your supporters, to simply thank them, let them know how their support is helping or perhaps let them know about a new target you’re aiming for. Have a look at the example below.

Plus each quarter, you’ll also be able to include an insert (A4 double-sided or A4 folded to A5) with their bill  to communicate to your supporters, giving you four additional opportunities each year to get your message (for instance to promote fundraising events) to them and raise even more!

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