Help your local clubs!               

Raising funds can be crucial for the development of local clubs, so Fundraiser Telecom offers a way for clubs, your supporters and associated businesses to raise money whilst saving money too!

Benefits of Fundraiser Telecom

As a club when you switch to Fundraiser Telecom not only can you save money by reducing your telecoms costs for your landline, mobile telecoms and broadband services but you’ll also receive a monthly donation of the profit from your own telecoms and broadband bill for your club!

Fundraiser Telecom also offers a way for club supporters and associated businesses to provide a monthly donation from the profits of their total bill, including landline and mobile calls, line rental and broadband to a sports club of their choice. Better still, it doesn’t cost them anything extra!

£75 donation for each business referred! 

With every supporting business that signs up, after three months of them being Fundraiser Telecom customers you will get a one off £75! So if 10 businesses sign up, that’s £750 for your charity along with an ongoing monthly donation! Your club will also receive a guaranteed monthly income not only from the club’s telecom bill but your supporters’ and businesses’ bill too.

£25 donation for each individual supporter referred!

For every individual supporter who switches to Fundraiser Telecom, you’ll receive a one-off donation of £25 following their third bill.

Getting friends and family to sign up is beneficial too as customers can call other Fundraiser Telecom customers for free, which means that the club can call its supporters for free too!

Monthly revenue from supporters could help keep youth programmes running or even help provide extra equipment for the club!

Contact us today!  It’s easy to switch and the club and supporters can keep their existing numbers with no disruption to their service.