New Law Targets Aggressive Fundraising Charity Tactics

David Cameron has stated that some fundraisers’ activities are damaging the reputation of the charity sector.

A series of recent events, resulting in individuals being intimidated, has called for there to be new legislation updating the Charities Act. The amendments are aimed at ensuring that charities and organisations, which raise money, clearly state in their contracts how vulnerable people are to be protected, and whether further action ought to be taken. Several fundraising enterprises have already confirmed they will strengthen protection.

Under the new law, all charities with an income of over £1m will have to detail their fundraising approach in their trustees’ annual report. This will include stating the use of professional fundraising organisations and their policy for preventing aggressive, high-pressure fundraising activities targeting the vulnerable, including the elderly and people with mental health conditions such as Alzheimer’s.

Minister for Civil Society, Rob Wilson stated that the new law would have “some impact on charities” in terms of revenue, but said they would lose out “if these scandals continue to go on”. Furthermore, failure to not act accordingly could result in full regulation of the charity sector that “would incur big costs for charities”. To prevent charities avoiding implementation of the new law, a review panel has been established by the government.

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Reaching your target market through effective advertising!

It’s a word not liked by most. Cost can be perceived to be high and for what return? But the fact remains, that advertising works and delivers results, especially if you’re a charity trying to reach across a broad target market. Plan correctly and have a strong proposition to ensure a beneficial return-on-investment. Big brand charities use TV to create interest and drive up the numbers of donors. Hard-hitting visuals are an extremely effective way to sway public opinion.

How to create effective advertising

Know your target market

Understanding the best channel of communication to reach your potential target market is key. Olgivy once said, “you know that 50% of your marketing budget is wasted, the problem is you don’t know which 50%”. Whilst this still holds true today, the development social media has changed the landscape considerably. Information can be ascertained about your target market and their preferred communication channels identified. Does your target market prefer to read interest magazines, listen to the radio or watch TV? Knowing some very simple facts will help you refine your advertising campaign.

Be creative!

Dare to stand out from your competitors and create a point of differentiation. A strong concept which is campaignable will build upon brand recognition and recall, which reaches your target market across all touchpoints. Generate a campaign, which should be a minimum of three creative treatments budget permitting, which works though all mediums such as TV, radio, online, print, SMS, social media, direct mail and email marketing. Ensure the headlines are engaging, use a captivating visual, be clear with a single-minded proposition in the body copy and above all incorporate direct call-to-action. A good advertisement should connect emotionally with your target market on a grassroots level, whilst also appeal to rationale thought in order to for them to make a decision to donate.

Planning placement

Think out-of-the-box. Define a media strategy, plan accordingly and consider flighting and scheduling to optimise your reach and achieve the biggest impact. Importantly, is there an opportunity for editorial content or target market engagement? Is there an opportunity to encourage potential donors to interact through the media and advertising campaign. Can the media title be used creatively to build up a story over a defined duration or if using print media, over a number of pages. Killer ads are known to make an impact but can be a one hit wonder. Can smaller ads be used over titles for elaborating a story? Be focused and be brave in your media schedule. In order to optimise your budget choose your preferred media titles and create a differentiation within them, be it TV, print, radio, outdoor, or online.

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Create Your Contact Strategy To Elevate Your Fundraising

Better supporter communications can make a huge difference to your fundraising revenue. As a result, organisations with a defined contact strategy, which have their customer lifecycle tend to benefit more from recurring donors and increased loyalty. So, what are the key factors when considering a successful contact strategy?

Define a donor journey - Your first step is to identify your audience’s donor journey. This includes    everything from the first point of contact, the source of leads, ongoing communication and your donor nurturing process from initial contact through to repeat donation. You must also establish the frequency of contact between your organisation and your donors, and the messages that are being communicated at each touchpoint.

Understand your touchpoints – Analyse when and how your organisation contact donors and the effectiveness of the communication. Does this prompt additional funding or the required action? It is key to establish where and when contact occurs for both parties during the donor lifecycle. Considerations should include what are your donors preferences and their preferred method to communicate. This will help you to identify an appropriate time to engage with donors and assist you with your campaign goals. By understanding the various touchpoints preferred by your donors, your brand is able to streamline marketing efforts and reduce overheads.

Take a multi-channel approach – Don’t focus your contact strategy on a single channel, such as just telemarketing. Avoid damaging or unnecessary contact, which adds no benefit to your donors’ experience, instead consider a multi-channel approach which integrates all channels and communicates a consistent message and brand. Consolidating your channels and departments prevents your donors from receiving uncoordinated communications, and instead ensures that they get valuable information at appropriate touchpoints.

Focus on segmentation – What and how you communicate has a major impact on your supporter relationships, so you must be aware of the different content requirements at each point in a donor’s lifecycle. Create relevant communication across all channels through segmenting your database, and keep a focus on your key audiences for a particular initiative. The lifecycle will be different for each donor, therefore your contact strategies and content need to be different. Being perceptive and contacting donors at varying touchpoints increases the likelihood of repeat donations and loyalty.

Begin implementation -  After establishing relevant touchpoints and content requirements, consider the communicative mediums such as email, direct mail, SMS, telemarketing or letters. This is also the time to evaluate issues in your strategy, such as identifying where there are gaps or an unnecessary amount of contact. Understanding gaps or conflicts in your contact strategy will ensure that your organisation behaves collectively, adds value to its initiatives and enhances its recurring fundraising potential.

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Building A Strong Brand For Your Non-Profit Organisation

If you’re looking for repeat donations, consider the importance of building a recognisable and memorable brand. Non-profit organisations operate within a very competitive landscape, where they are constantly vying for participants, sponsors, and most importantly, donors. It can be difficult to stand out in a crowded market, but a strong brand can help build the connection, relevance and resonance, which is essential in driving fundraising in your favour. A brand is a short cut to your corporate mission, vision and values, it evokes a gut feeling in the target market. Read on to find out why a strong brand is essential, and key elements which need to be considered to assist you in unearthing your brand.

1. Clarity of Values -  Successful fundraising is founded on making a strong case for your campaign, and ensuring that your audience understand your brand values. After all, a brand is a set of commitments and expectations that exist in the minds of your audience, so you don’t have one until people understand it! It’s therefore essential that your organisation is able to communicate its values so as to cultivate a prominent brand which leaves a lasting impression. There are three key principles that you should outline to establish your brand:

  • Your organisation’s long term goals.
  • Why you exist.
  • And finally, what you as collective believe in.

By outlining what your organisation does, how you plan to achieve your goals and the values underpinning all fundraising activity to create a brand personality, which creates a point of difference and builds familiarity, trust and identity.

2. Visual Brand Identity – A brand identity should convey the personality of your organisation, and allows for instant brand recognition and recall. For non-profits, it’s especially important that your brand is memorable and communicates its values effectively in order for potential donors to support you over a wealth of other worthwhile causes. Your visual identity, which may comprise a logo, colour palette, fonts and a super graphic, has to be consistent across all touchpoints,in order to encourage your potential target market to donate to your charity.

3. Consistency – Consistency is key if you want your supporters to recognise your brand, and demonstrate that you’re a trustworthy and reliable organisation in order to gain supporters. It’s essential to clearly define your positioning across all your marketing communication in a consistent, concise method.

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Incorporating Social Media As Part Of Your Fundraising Strategy

Social media enables your organisation to elevate awareness of your brand or campaign, and in today’s world is central to any fundraising strategy. Most of us will be familiar with the success stories following social media fundraising campaigns such as the “Ice Bucket Challenge” for the Motor Neurone Disease Association, however, social media platforms are not necessarily fundraising engines alone. It’s also about knowing how to use them to their full effect. So, how can you engage the transformative power of social media in your campaign?

Tell your story and inspire by making it personal – Give your audience some context to add a human face to your campaign, and allow potential donors to be inspired by meaningful motivations and possibilities. Create a video for an effective way of communicating what is achievable, to help persuade your audience to part with their hard-earned cash. If your cause is aiming to raise funds for new hospital equipment, why not post a video on YouTube or your social media channels documenting how patients’ lives have been saved thanks to charitable donations? You’re sure to encourage people to lend their support!

Communicate a clear call-to-action – Let your potential fundraisers know what they can do to help your cause – and be direct about it! To keep your goals and time-frames on track, your call-to-action should be specific, defined and measurable. It’s recommended to  request for a donation be specific to a current campaign or share a post about an upcoming charitable event. Don’t forget to include a link to your donation page on social media platforms, and keep your audience updated with frequent posts in relation to your fundraising progress.

Hashtag your campaign or initiative – The most effective way to achieve this on social media is to set up a hashtag, and integrate it into your posts. This will allow others to engage their own networks, increasing awareness of your campaign. Use images to make it memorable, for example “Movember” is rooted in sharing images with an accompanying hashtag, which contributes toward strengthening the campaign’s brand identity.

Enable donations on your platforms – So, now you’ve raised awareness to your campaign, it’s time to start collecting funds! Recent research has shown that people want to be able to donate via platforms that they are already active on, and do not want to register with an additional service in order to give. Acknowledging market preferences by enabling donations to be made through your Facebook page for example, is a sure-fire way to guarantee increased responses and raise more money towards your fundraising target.

Show your appreciation – Social media offers the perfect opportunity to give public thanks to your supporters, be it volunteers, corporate sponsors, or your valuable donors. Recognising those that make your campaign a success with a quick and easy tweet not only keeps you connected with your core community, but promotes your cause in a more covert manner.

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Optimising your donation page

Driving traffic to your donation page should be the number of one goal for your charity, and the design of your donation page should make it easy for potential donors and supporters to access and donate to your charitable cause. Not only do you need to guide people to your donation page, you also need them to complete the donation process. This means that your donation form is the most critical stage of the giving experience.

At Fundraiser Telecom, we’ve put together a few steps to help you maximise your online donations:

Make it simple - A long, overcomplicated donation process is bound to work against you, so ensuring that your checkout process is as simple and easy as possible is essential. Try to keep the donation form short and sweet, and only ask for the most essential information such as their name, billing information and email address.

Branding - Remember that a branded donation form can improve the giving experience, so try to ensure your donation page is branded rather than generic. When donors hit your donation page, they should be able to immediately recognise that it’s associated with your organisation. Remember that people donate to organisations that they feel they have an emotional connection with! Ensure that your donation page and form reflects your non-profit’s branding, messaging and imagery, and you’ll have more chance of receiving that donation!

Give donor’s a choice - When it comes to making a purchase, people make choices about how and what they want to purchase. Donors need to choose how much to give, and you can steer them along by suggesting specific donation amounts. Consider offering a few suggested ‘giving levels’ along with the option to type in a custom amount. It’s also worth giving donors an option in terms of how often they choose to donate to your charity. Make this an easy opportunity for people to opt into your recurring giving program!

Ensuring your donation form is as engaging as you can make it, is key to enhancing the donor experience. Not only can the design sway a donor’s decision to give, but can also influence the level of their contribution. At Fundraiser Telecom, we offer an effective way to help charities raise money for their cause whilst also helping donors cut their mobile and broadband phone bill costs. If you’d like our help, then get in touch today!

How To Engage Your Supporters Using Instagram

Integrating Instagram in to your fundraising efforts can be extremely effective in engaging your supporters in a different way. Take a look at some top tips on how you can add Instagram into your fundraising efforts!

Thank your donors – If you’re looking for a fresh way to thank your donors, a short and snappy video using Instagram is the perfect tool to give a personalised thank you and deepen relationships with your followers. Why not get creative and give a unique shout-out that makes your supporters and followers feel special!

Follow and interact with other users – The best way to draw users to your profile is by following them and interacting with them! Just like on Facebook, you can ‘like’ and comment on other users’ photos. Why not comment on other users’ pictures? Commenting on other users pictures is a great way to get others to notice your charitable cause and follow back in exchange for your interest in their work.

Tag your photos – Just like a tweet or a blog post, you want to make it as easy as possible for others to find your Instagram pictures and engage with you! Tagging is easy, simply use the symbol followed by the word you want for a tag. When using hashtags, anyone browsing them could stumble across your photo and make a donation to you!

Put it in motion – Now that Instagram has a video option, it’s just one more way to get your message across to your followers. Make a 15-second video explaining why you’re doing it and mention that your fundraising link is included on your profile page.

Why not take a stab at taking a 15-second interview to create a testimonial or case study with your followers and show them your support, or even your staff and volunteers – this is an excellent way to showcase the people behind your brand!

Instagram has the potential to spread the message and attract potential donors. People enjoy looking at pictures and if used properly, your images may convert into active followers! So, if you’re not already taking advantage of this great tool, then now is the perfect time.

Are you using Instagram for your nonprofit? We’d love to hear from you!

Engaging with potential donors to enhance their experience can sway a donor’s decision and also influence the level of their contribution. At Fundraiser Telecom, we offer an effective way to help charities raise money for their cause, whilst also helping donors cut their mobile and broadband phone bill costs. If you’d like our help, then get in touch today!

The Importance of Finding The Right Balance

Today, fundraisers are seeing a need to establish a balance between building upon existing donor relationships whilst retaining a focus on attracting lucrative new prospects. A successful campaign demands a strategy that is committed to finding and engaging with current, lapsed and prospective donors through continued communication and incentive.

Taking a balanced and multi-dimensional approach that considers relationship building and corporate strategy as interchangeable can be of great benefit to your fundraising campaign. Here are some well-balanced steps we’ve designed to encourage donor cultivation.

Extend a warm welcome – As part of a strategic donor recognition program, consider creating a welcome package in response to your fundraising appeals. Consider sending the package to both new donors and past donors who have been reactivated after a long period of time. This will encourage your donors’ transition to being multi-givers, while also deepening the relationship with preceding donors by recognising their long-term value.

Personalise your efforts – Making that extra effort with previous donors who haven’t given in quite some time can be an effective way of encouraging donations. Donors often respond well to intentions such as personalised copy and reference to past donations. This is a great example of how balancing customer loyalty with new incentives is useful to fundraising, as it encourages donations without having to spend too much time and money on creating an entirely new campaign.

Consider gift-matching - Incorporating a matching gift program into your fundraising strategy combines the benefits of relationship-building and larger corporate strategy. This works by having large donors match, or exceed, the donations of individual donors and demonstrates how balancing people with technique boosts what your fundraising campaign can achieve.

Take a multi-dimensional focus – To raise money, you must retain focus on old donors who provide revenue whilst simultaneously targeting prospective donors to provide new sources of income. How much time you spend on each is dependent on the cost restrictions of your fundraising plan, but by using a mix of tactics you’ll be guaranteed the best possible return.

At Fundraiser Telecom, we offer an effective way to help charities raise money for charitable causes whilst also helping donors cut their mobile and broadband phone bill costs. If you’d like to support a charity you feel passionate about in a different way, get in touch with Fundraiser Telecom today!

Why ethical purchasing is the future of Fundraising

With the recent launch of Storm, a new “ethical search engine” which allows users to raise money for charity by shopping with its retail partners, we at Fundraiser Telecom are asking whether the charity industry should expect to see more of this type of fundraising made available to the consumer in the near future, and why this may be. Storm estimates it will generate an excess of £200m for the UK charity sector by 2017 – an impressive amount of cash – so what is it that makes ethical consuming so attractive to the modern donor?

Offers a real alternative to the consumer – In a world where businesses are constantly competing for our custom, it can often be difficult to tell what is being offered to us, and what sets a company apart in a marketplace where options are seemingly endless. However, by integrating charitable donations into everyday consumption and lifestyle habits, we are offered a genuine alternative to the traditional, internally focussed, single perspective model of both profit and not-for-profit businesses. As we become an increasingly more ethically conscious society, we expect companies to engage with our concerns – such as Fundraiser Telecom and Storm do. We see this as a model which is likely to define the future of fundraising commitments.

Engages with modern living – In 2015, we lead busier lives than ever before, and don’t necessarily have the time it sometimes takes to donate to all the causes we believe. In light of this, the sector is seeing the need for a simplified approach to fundraising, with a focus on reducing those steps such as filling out forms or setting aside money in our budgets – tasks which make traditional fundraising incompatible with many aspects of modern life. By integrating charitable donations with services the consumer demands as part of their modern existence, such as online shopping or in our case here at Fundraiser Telecom – telephone contracts – fundraising is not only made easier, but a much more attractive concept with a greater potential to do good.

Overcomes the struggle to find donors -  Recent research has revealed that generating income and achieving financial sustainability is the biggest challenge currently facing charities, with many across the country struggling to raise money for vital aid and to cope with ever increasing demand. However, if fundraising is integrated with required or in-demand services, we can help to conquer the problem of lacking funds, which is damaging our charity and fundraising organisations. This is because by being service users, potential donors already exist. Given that as many consumers are ethically conscious in 2015, the ethical purchasing model for fundraising has great prospects for success in the future.

At Fundraiser Telecom, we offer an effective way to help charities raise money for charitable causes whilst also helping donors cut their mobile and broadband phone bills costs. If you’re looking for an easy and innovative way to do some good, and would like the added benefit of saving money, get in touch with us today!

How Approachable Is Your Charity?

Technology has enabled non-profit organisations to reach more people than ever before, but even with advanced tools, charities must never forget the value of developing and sustaining personal connections with their supporters. Find out how you can put a face to your charitable organisation, and engage with your supporters and donors by considering these simple tips.

How do your donors and supporters get in touch? – The most common ways that donors and supporters contact charities is either via email, phone or social media. It’s important that your charity presents an approachable and welcoming image by ensuring communication channels deliver a personal experience! Don’t forget to provide your contact details such as an email address and contact number on your website, leaflets, social media profiles and any offer communications.

Is your Charity receptive and responsive? – Providing specific contact details is an important step in the ‘giving process’, however a personalised account is only good if it receives personal attention. Your response time to emails, phone calls, and social media posts will vary based on the size of your organisation and number of staff, but one rule of thumb is to aim to answer any queries within 24 hours. Even if you can’t answer all of their questions or you need to check on the information, acknowledge the email to say that you’re looking into it! This way, you’ll keep your supporters and donors happy by keeping them in the loop!

Are you listening to your supporters? – The final ingredient in creating an approachable image with your supporters is to simply listen to them. Even if you don’t have the answer they’re looking for, you’ll find that many people will be more pleasant if you simply take the time to listen to them! You never know, one person may be voicing a concern that many other supporters and donors have, but haven’t bothered to express. If you listen carefully, you will have a better idea of what your supporters and donors want from you and how you can help them.

Fundraising is all about building and sustaining relationships, and any good relationship needs open communication. Evaluate whether or not your charity invites supporters and donors or builds walls to keep them out. To encourage supporters and donors to keep coming back, you have to show them you want their support, and thank them when you receive it.

At Fundraiser Telecom, we offer an effective way to help charities raise money for charitable causes whilst also helping donors cut their mobile and broadband phone bill costs. If you’d like our help, then get in touch today!