Meningitis Now

Fundraiser Telecom is proud to sponsor Meningitis Now. As part of our continued commitment we are proud to offer Meningitis Now supporters fantastic low cost telecoms services. It’s simple to sign up, just complete the form below and we will contact you to arrange your switch.

To Customers

When you switch your telecoms to Fundraiser Telecom you could not only save on your telecoms and broadband bill, but your charity will also receive a monthly donation from the profit of your bill! Find out more about our call packages here.

To Meningitis Now

When a supporter of Meningitis Now signs up to Fundraiser Telecom, £25 per each new residential customer and £75 per each new business supporter will be donated when the customer pays their first invoice. Also, we will give 27% of our profit from customers monthly spend for as long as they remain a customer. These payments are made from monies collected from customer invoice.