Support Your Favourite Charity!    

At Fundraiser Telecom, we understand that charities can find it hard to maintain a regular monthly income for their good cause. This is where Fundraiser Telecom can help.

Benefits of Fundraiser Telecom

As a charity when you switch to Fundraiser Telecom not only can you save money by reducing your telecoms costs for your landline, mobile telecoms and broadband services. And what’s more, you’ll also receive a monthly donation from the profit of your own telecoms and broadband bill!

You can then recommend other businesses and supporters to switch and they’ll also then save up to 25% off their phone and broadband bills. And you will receive a monthly donation of the profits generated from their Fundraiser Telecom bills as well – including landline and mobile calls, line rental and broadband – without costing them or you an extra penny!

Not only will your charity receive a guaranteed monthly income but with every business you sign up, after three months of them being Fundraiser Telecom customers you will get a one off £75. So sign up 10 businesses and that’s £750 for your charity along with a monthly donation!

It is easy to switch and you and your, businesses and supporters can even keep their existing number with no disruption to their service. Getting friends and family to sign up is beneficial too as customers can call other Fundraiser Telecom Customers for free, which means that you can call your supporters for free! And for every individual supporter switching to Fundraiser Telecom, you’ll receive a one-off donation of £25 following their third bill.

It’s simple - contact us today for cheaper bills and to help raise money for your charity!