Top Tips For A Leading Reputation

2015 wasn’t easy for charities, but 2016 is a new year, and we’re determined to recover the reputation of our sector. We know that so many fantastic charities do incredible work, but now need to work a lot harder to convince the public that their cause is worthy. So, Fundraiser Telecom have put together some top tips for cultivating a sector-leading reputation, which in turn will help boost your donations.

Foster a “100% engagement” culture: Above all else, charities are high-engagement and emotional brands. Therefore, you need to communicate to your donors that you, as an entire organisation, are committed to and believe in your cause. This is essential in maintaining a reputable public image, and can be achieved through incentivising your team.

Show your public you listen: Pay attention to what the public say to you, but also respond in ways which counteract any imputations. As a charity, it’s fundamental that you have a trustworthy reputation and by acting on advice, you demonstrate good intention and ownership. Be honest about the challenges you face and your reputation will go from strength to strength.

Don’t restrict yourself to one audience: Research suggests that fundraisers have typically pursued regular givers. However, this is a restricted audience and today, people are far more socially conscious and routinely give to good causes on a one-off basis.Prioritise a one-off donation strategy alongside traditional regular giving and you will see your reputation evolve from being a pursuer to an encourager.

Break free from the crowd: Sadly, recent criticism has tarnished all charities with the same brush – but we know you’re different! Charities are well-known for sticking together, but if you want to boost your reputation – and your donations – now is the time to differentiate. Be a trailblazer in terms of communications, marketing and fundraising and you’ll be sure to cement an unparalleled reputation.

At Fundraiser Telecom, we believe in rewarding individuals who donate to charities by sharing low-cost telecom and energy services. For Charities, Fundraiser Telecom offers an effective way to help organisations raise money for their charitable causes whilst also helping donors cut their mobile and broadband phone bill and energy costs. If you’d like to support a charity you feel passionate about in a different way, get in touch with Fundraiser Telecom today!


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