Get Off To A Great Start: Optimise Your Email Subject Line

Email is a fantastic way of communicating and connecting with your donors. Favoured by many for generating funds, emails are quick, reliable, measurable and easy to both modify and test. But what about your open rates, are you generating the desired result?

Non-profit organisations put a lot of hard work into writing email copy, hyperlinking and devising the perfect call-to-action, so it’s imperative to ensure that your message is reaching your intended audience. Here, we share our tips to increase your email open rates and get your voice heard!

Be clever with copy – Research suggests that one third of email recipients choose to open correspondence based on their reading of the subject line alone. Using 30 characters or less is associated with a higher open rate, whilst personalised subject lines – such as using a first name or referencing a recent donation – are similarly effective. Using the words “video”, “daily” and “weekly” also appears to correlate with higher open rates, whereas “monthly” is actually damaging. This suggests that recipients prefer shorter, more concise correspondence – so tailor your copy accordingly!

Take an objective angle – As insightful as statistics may be, don’t allow yourself to get bogged down in facts and figures as this detracts from your client. Keywords are indeed valuable but the aim of your email is to incite a sense of urgency and exclusivity, thus encouraging donor action. Be sure to examine how your language choices are working together and think of your subject line as a formula, all the parts must work in harmony to produce a successful outcome. And remember, don’t lose sight of your audience.

Test, test test – A major benefit of email is its ability to be tested. In order to determine your most effective subject line, test with variations using a handy email marketing tool such as Sidekick or MailChimp, which are good for small groups. For larger numbers you’ll need a professional paid-for-service. Create groups for your recipients and send relevant correspondence according to their preferences with varying subject lines and then assess donor activity in relation to the specific subject lines. If your donations go up, you’re onto a winner! Remember to test on mobiles too, as these smaller screens only allow four to seven words per line. Make your subject line fit for all devices.

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