Get Back In Touch This New Year

Following “Closing The Loop”, a report into fundraising and the importance of communications in creating engaged supporters, we’ve been thinking about the benefits of keeping in touch. The report revealed that despite a rise in event fundraising income, the majority of participants did not feel acknowledged. Considering how much non-profit organisations rely upon fundraisers, we believe it’s only right that we discuss how to work a little harder to show your supporters some appreciation in 2016!

Pursue supporter passion - Research suggests that over 90% of charity supporters would consider fundraising again, albeit it in other ways. This means that non-profit organisations have a hugely willing existing supporter base, so you needn’t spend resources on additional campaigning. Just prioritise an engaging contact strategy to make the most out of your supporters. This consistent communication not only acknowledges, but serves as a simple method for generating funds.

Understand participant preference – So, how do you approach your supporters? Donors want to be acknowledged, but they definitely don’t want to be hassled! Recent criticism of non-profit organisation contact strategy means that it’s more important than ever to take into consideration the preferences of your fundraisers, since they’ve been so kind to support you. “Closing The Loop” suggests that the majority of participants prefer to be contacted either by email or direct mail, so incorporate these insights into your own contact strategy to see loyalty and funds rise.

Captivate with conversation staters -  When tying to engage with existing supporters through a contact strategy, it’s important to get your message right. Research has revealed a preference for communication centred on fundraising outcomes, such as total money raised and how funds will be used. Write some good copy on one of these topics and share it with your supporters via a preferable medium. You’ll be sure to  please your contact base and encourage further support.

Keep up the good work – Many non-profits send out a generic “thank-you” email following on from events or fundraising activities, which is great. But, in one study, just under a quarter of participants reported no further contact, making them feel under-appreciated. It’s imperative that communications are meaningful and consistent in order to retain engaged donors, so make it your non-profit’s resolution to keep in touch and remind those who support you just how much you appreciate them.

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