How to run a great promoted Twitter campaign

With a modest budget and a little time, your non-profit organisation can achieve a lot through a promoted Twitter campaign. Promoted Tweets are simply regular Tweets which are purchased by organisations who want to reach a wider group of users or encourage greater engagement from current followers. You should use promoted Tweets to position your most compelling content in front of the audience that matters to you, and therefore generate funds. This type of advertising can be quite daunting, so we’ve compiled some simple steps to help get you started with your promoted Tweet campaign.

Create an objective strategy: Determine what your organisation wants to achieve from a promoted Tweet campaign and formulate a clear call to action in line with your objectives. For example, your campaign will vary depending on whether you are seeking greater donations or to simply increase your follower base. Start by reviewing your current Twitter activity, identify what is working (or not) and from here, formulate a well-informed strategy with relevant objectives.

Employ online tools and analytics: There are some great tools out there now, which can really help you target your desired audience. You can target interests using Twitter’s own analytics, or users who follow similar organisations using Follower Wonk (a great free tool). You can also target users through optimising keywords, linking your desired keyword with users whose accounts feature this specific keyword in their bio. This is a fantastic approach as it means less competition for impressions than targeting general interests, and again, can be mobilised using Twitter Wonk.

Write compatible content: To start, check out your social media channels and assess the type of content that your audience responds to best. You can do this by reviewing your most shared posts, such as real-life stories or industry news. When you’ve identified the content with the greatest potential, design a promoted Tweet campaign with high emphasis on this type – and remember to include an image! Whatever your follower’s preferred content type, research suggests tweets using pictures are 94% more likely to be retweeted.

Focus on optimisation: In basic terms, optimisation is the monitoring of which @handles receive the best impressions and engagement rates, along with their cost per engagement. If a certain @handle is underperforming or has an inflated cost, you can swap that account out of the targeting (remember to test before going live!). Once launched, you’ll need to spend around ten to twenty minutes each day monitoring your performance, which isn’t a lot considering the huge benefits that can accompany a promoted Tweet campaign! With a little time and effort, you’re sure to see the donations rolling in.

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