How To Enhance Your Supporter Journey Online

As a non-profit organisation, the key aims of your website should be to foster donor-charity relationships, engage new donors and make is simple for supporters to donate. Consider why visitors to your website should give up their valuable time and money if their supporter journey doesn’t deliver a full engaging, memorable experience. Here at Fundraiser Telecom we’ve put together a quick guide on how you can enhance your supporter journey, preventing you from falling at the first hurdle.

Have clear calls to action: You need to make it as seamless as possible for visitors to your website to understand and respond to your calls to action. A mistake many non-profits make is to assume that their entire audience is internet-savvy, but in reality, your audience has large potential scope. It would be wrong to overcomplicate your site as this can be alienating to less-able internet users, so keep simple – disaffected supporters means less donations.

Make targets achievable: Smaller goals have been found to be more attractive because they’re more achievable. Exploit this psychology by launching micro-campaigns or a donation “thermometer”, which not only shows supporters where their money is going, but also presents the direct impact of a donation. This sort of fundraising strategy is a fantastic all-rounder – it engages your supporters and therefore optimises their customer journey, generating donations.

Be responsive: Statistics now demonstrate that mobile internet usage overtook PC internet usage. This means that more of us than ever are using our smartphones or tablets to navigate the web than the traditional desktop. To ensure that you’re making the most out of supporter potential, your website needs to be responsive across all platforms. Consult a web developer and run some tests from a supporter perspective. Complete a donor journey across all platforms and devices and resolve any response- issues that may arise with your technical team.

Take a step back: When you’re so close to something, you often lose sight of how it may appear to others. As a non-profit organisation, you have a responsibility to cater for real people and to action impactful solutions. So, to ensure that you’re prioritising human interest, view your online processes as a supporter and ask yourself 1) are you convinced by your charity’s importance, 2) do you feel compelled to donate and 3) does your website make it easy to donate? If you can’t answer “yes” to these questions, assess the content and navigation of your site and alter as appropriate.

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