Optimising your donation page

Driving traffic to your donation page should be the number of one goal for your charity, and the design of your donation page should make it easy for potential donors and supporters to access and donate to your charitable cause. Not only do you need to guide people to your donation page, you also need them to complete the donation process. This means that your donation form is the most critical stage of the giving experience.

At Fundraiser Telecom, we’ve put together a few steps to help you maximise your online donations:

Make it simple - A long, overcomplicated donation process is bound to work against you, so ensuring that your checkout process is as simple and easy as possible is essential. Try to keep the donation form short and sweet, and only ask for the most essential information such as their name, billing information and email address.

Branding - Remember that a branded donation form can improve the giving experience, so try to ensure your donation page is branded rather than generic. When donors hit your donation page, they should be able to immediately recognise that it’s associated with your organisation. Remember that people donate to organisations that they feel they have an emotional connection with! Ensure that your donation page and form reflects your non-profit’s branding, messaging and imagery, and you’ll have more chance of receiving that donation!

Give donor’s a choice - When it comes to making a purchase, people make choices about how and what they want to purchase. Donors need to choose how much to give, and you can steer them along by suggesting specific donation amounts. Consider offering a few suggested ‘giving levels’ along with the option to type in a custom amount. It’s also worth giving donors an option in terms of how often they choose to donate to your charity. Make this an easy opportunity for people to opt into your recurring giving program!

Ensuring your donation form is as engaging as you can make it, is key to enhancing the donor experience. Not only can the design sway a donor’s decision to give, but can also influence the level of their contribution. At Fundraiser Telecom, we offer an effective way to help charities raise money for their cause whilst also helping donors cut their mobile and broadband phone bill costs. If you’d like our help, then get in touch today!

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