How Approachable Is Your Charity?

Technology has enabled non-profit organisations to reach more people than ever before, but even with advanced tools, charities must never forget the value of developing and sustaining personal connections with their supporters. Find out how you can put a face to your charitable organisation, and engage with your supporters and donors by considering these simple tips.

How do your donors and supporters get in touch? – The most common ways that donors and supporters contact charities is either via email, phone or social media. It’s important that your charity presents an approachable and welcoming image by ensuring communication channels deliver a personal experience! Don’t forget to provide your contact details such as an email address and contact number on your website, leaflets, social media profiles and any offer communications.

Is your Charity receptive and responsive? – Providing specific contact details is an important step in the ‘giving process’, however a personalised account is only good if it receives personal attention. Your response time to emails, phone calls, and social media posts will vary based on the size of your organisation and number of staff, but one rule of thumb is to aim to answer any queries within 24 hours. Even if you can’t answer all of their questions or you need to check on the information, acknowledge the email to say that you’re looking into it! This way, you’ll keep your supporters and donors happy by keeping them in the loop!

Are you listening to your supporters? – The final ingredient in creating an approachable image with your supporters is to simply listen to them. Even if you don’t have the answer they’re looking for, you’ll find that many people will be more pleasant if you simply take the time to listen to them! You never know, one person may be voicing a concern that many other supporters and donors have, but haven’t bothered to express. If you listen carefully, you will have a better idea of what your supporters and donors want from you and how you can help them.

Fundraising is all about building and sustaining relationships, and any good relationship needs open communication. Evaluate whether or not your charity invites supporters and donors or builds walls to keep them out. To encourage supporters and donors to keep coming back, you have to show them you want their support, and thank them when you receive it.

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