Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Made Easy

 Did you know that the power of peer-to-peer fundraising lies in its ability to amplify and empower your community? Peer-to-peer fundraising has definitely become a powerful tool for growth, by maximising brand awareness, attracting new donors and raising more funds.

At Fundraiser Telecom, we’ve put together a few tips to help you inspire peer-to-peer fundraising.

  1. Set up competitions – Whilst some supporters will reach out to their friends and family to support a cause they’re passionate about, you’ll get a lot more involvement if you offer a few incentives. Incentives such as free T-shirt for individuals and a logo and mention across social media channels for businesses can work really well.
  2. Keep it personal – The reason why peer-to-peer fundraising works is because it involves one person telling another about your charitable cause, rather than you telling them. In your online efforts, try to keep the communication and interaction personal, and allow supporters to share their own images and videos. Let the individual personalities of your supporters shine through!
  3. Show real-time progress – Peer-to-peer fundraising is more effective when your volunteers can see the impact of their fundraising efforts straightaway. Update the progress in real time to keep them engaged!
  4. Email regularly – Don’t forget to keep in touch with your volunteers by providing email updates when they receive a donation, a comment or reach a goal. Also remember to acknowledge the person that has donated by thanking them. This will strengthen the campaign connection and encourage continued engagement!

When you tap into the power of peer-to-peering fundraising, your charitable organisation could unlock the growth, and create a positive and strong impact towards your fundraising goal. Why not give it a go?

At Fundraiser Telecom, we offer an effective way to help charities raise money for charitable causes whilst also helping donors cut their mobile and broadband phone bill costs. By switching to Fundraiser Telecom, we will not only offer you and your supporters an alternative way to support the charity you both feel passionate about, but will provide you and your supporters with a whole range of other benefits as well as give you both peace of mind that you’re doing something “good” to help others! And better still you can save money!







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