How To Succeed In Corporate Fundraising

The benefits of corporate fundraising are always two-way. Corporate fundraising is not all about raising money for charity, and companies can support your charitable cause in a number of ways including making a donation, sponsoring an event, or even choosing your charity as their ‘Charity of the Year’.  At Fundraiser Telecom, we’ve put together a few tips to help you succeed in corporate fundraising.

What is your Unique Selling Point (USP)? – In a perfect world charities shouldn’t have to ask for money. However, in  a changing economic environment, charities are finding themselves competing with others for the same pot of money. To be successful, you need to think outside the box and ask yourself ‘Why would the organisation that you’d like to approach want to support our charity?’ 

Businesses are bound to receive thousands of letters a week from charities wanting help. Asking questions such as ‘What is it about our charity that would make them want to donate to our cause rather than others?” will lead you to your Unique Selling Point. Once you’ve worked this out, the next step is to consider which organisation’s you’d like to approach.

Do your homework – The next rule to consider when approaching corporate organisations is to do your homework first. Begin by researching the company you have in mind, and the kinds of charitable causes they have contributed to in the past. This will give you a better idea as to whether your cause is suitable, and will fully prepare you for when you approach the organisation in question.

What can you offer your corporate sponsor? Think about what you are able to offer to your corporate sponsor. The trick is to identify early on in the meetings what each company wants from their involvement.

Some companies donate because they believe in the concept of supporting their local community, whilst others want to increase their profile, and boost their CSR credentials. Whatever the reason, there is always a reason for what they do, and it is your task to discover what it is to then be able to offer something in return!

At Fundraiser Telecom, we offer an effective way to help charities raise money for charitable causes whilst also helping donors cut their mobile and broadband phone bill costs. If you’d like to support a charity you feel passionate about in a different way, get in touch with Fundraiser Telecom today!

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