Fundraising Goals That Your Charity Should Not Ignore

Every fundraising campaign needs a goal and they are important when launching a campaign. Realistic goals are also a reflection of the organisation’s understanding of its financial structure. At Fundraiser Telecom, we’ve put together three key goals that your charity should never ignore when launching a fundraising campaign.

Enhance brand awareness – Whilst fundraising campaigns may set out to raise thousands of pounds, raising brand awareness is also just as important. Focusing your efforts on maximising the reach, engagement, and ultimately getting the word out about your charitable cause can potentially introduce new people to your organisation who may turn into donors in the future.

Acquire donors  - Monthly recurring donations improve donor retention rates, and could potentially enhance how much donors give on average each year, whilst creating a steady year-round revenue stream. Why not consider developing a campaign that focuses on acquiring new donors? If you’ve hosted a charity event, why not collect volunteer’s contact details that can  then be used to send out a campaign? Remember to get them to opt in to receiving your emails or texts.

Test your emails – This fundraising goal can help you to optimise future email campaigns to better engage your fundraising community and maximise returns. A few variables you might want to consider testing are: email subject lines, call-to-action, or story lines.

At Fundraiser Telecom, we offer an effective way to help charities raise money for charitable causes whilst also helping donors cut their mobile and broadband phone bill costs. By switching to Fundraiser Telecom, we will not only offer you and your supporters an alternative way to support the charity you both feel passionate about, but will provide you and your supporters with a whole range of other benefits as well as give you both peace of mind that you’re doing something “good” to help others! And better still you can save money!


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