Effective Storytelling

Great storytelling is a powerful and effective way in inspiring and motivating people to support your charitable cause. It enables you to show your organisations’ impact, and make your supporters feel valued.

Social media is about real people telling real stories, simply by updating their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter status. They’re either telling their friends a story about something they’re doing, or finding out what their friends have been up to, or sharing advice and other people’s stories.

If your non-profit organisation is desperately trying to find ways to increase your revenue stream, storytelling is the way forward! Sharing stories with your audience is the most powerful way to engage with them and create an emotional connection, whilst persuading them to jump right into the story with you to create the happily ever after ending.

So, when it comes to persuading your audience to donate and be part of your charitable cause, it’s best done through storytelling. Storytelling is what makes your content meaningful, captures attention and engages new donors, and is therefore the key to successful fundraising.

Here are a few tips to kick-start your story.

  1. Write about a real person who needs your help.
  2. Give the person in your story a real name, and allow them to speak for themselves.
  3. Keep your story short and sweet.
  4. Allow your story to create an emotional connection with your audience.
  5. The best stories are told by the person themselves, illustrating how your organisation makes a difference.

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